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  1. So with the 15 people only wedding rule coming in for potentially 6 months, I know that it has been sad news for many. Here are some top tips/options which are used and being used, by my customers.

    1/ You could consider changing the date to 2021 or 2022? This has been the most popular option this year. Bare in mind most vendors are now stacking up for these years, so it is vitally important that IF you are planning to be wed in either of these years that you get booked in to RESERVE the vendor you want.

    2/ Go ahead but with adaptions? Consider creating WEDDING GROUPS for guests that can’t be there, and having one guest (with a decent phone) ‘going live’ or recording the wedding before putting in the group for all to see. Like they are all there with you but just not physically.

    3/ Consider having a WEDDING WEEK? Meeting up with a different group of guests each day (groups of six) in wedding regalia in you home, garden or somewhere else, sharing Prosecco/tea & CAKE and having someone read a BLESSING each day. And then on the last day getting the official marriage blessing with close family guests not exceeding 15.

    It’s a frustrating time for many, particularly those solely in the wedding industry but they are all there waiting to support and help you as best they can!

    Best of luck x

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