Weddings - Why do people charge more??

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With wedding costs spiralling out of control, many of us attempt to save some money with a spot of DIY, such as handmade invites, cakes and floral decorations.  Why is it that as soon as you mention the ‘W’ word quotes from potential suppliers or venue owners rise substantially???

Multi award winning Wedding Planner, and author Tamryn Kirby says:  “In my opinion, the best weddings are ones that have lots of personal touches – where the couple in question have spent time, and not just money, on their wedding day. Let’s face it, anyone can go out and buy coloured co-ordinated favour boxes and decorations but that doesn’t really say anything. It’s far better to inject a little of yourself into the event and getting a bit creative, with some wedding DIY it’s a perfect way to do this.”

Well, if you are on a budget, like I was when I got married you need to start thinking outside the box.  I also turned to a little ‘Wedding D.I.Y’ for my wedding back in 2002. Across every aspect of my wedding day there were lots of small personal touches, which helped individualise the wedding to us. 

At Mummy Makes Cakes the prices don’t change to suit occasions. A 3 tier wedding cake is the same as a normal 3 tier cake, just decorated differently. If you have a budget – no problem!  The types of wedding cakes we create are traditional tier cakes, individual mini-cake towers or novelty style cakes such as stacked suitcases, a shared favourite pastime, or even a cake based on your favourite place. 

Together we can create the cake of your dreams in the style you want, without the high price.


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